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Emergency Evacuation Training Exercise

Published on Friday, 1st June 2018

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS), supported by Maldon District Council held an evacuation training exercise on Tuesday 29 May at Hythe Quay, Maldon.

Fire crews from Tollesbury, Burnham and Maldon fire stations, along with other Fire Service personnel attended the exercise, and took part in a simulated fire on board a barge with multiple casualties moored alongside the Quay.

Although the exercise went smoothly, it highlighted how important it is to practice evacuations such as these as they not only provide valuable experience for the fire crews, but also demonstrate how important it is for our communities, in this instance the barge community, to have an emergency plan.

Cllr Penny Channer, Chairman of the Council’s Planning and Licensing Committee, said, “The Council was pleased to have supported our local Fire and Rescue Service with this training exercise to protect the maritime community. The Council has a well-rehearsed emergency plan, but it is important that the wider community are prepared and aware of what to do in an emergency should this ever be necessary.”


Station Manager Pete Neal said: “Exercises like this form an important part of our training, providing a great opportunity for our crews to test their skills and operational procedures against local risks, while working alongside other emergency services and partner agencies who would be present if this were a real incident.

“The exercise also reinforced the importance of Boat Fire Safety Week, which raises awareness for the boating community to ensure they have an escape plan, working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm fitted.”