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Tackling marine pollution in the Blackwater

Published on Wednesday, 6th June 2018

Maldon District Council is tightening regulations for vessels moored in the Blackwater to reduce pollution.

Enhanced environmental restrictions have now been added to the rivers byelaws to help reduce pollution and maintain the delicate ecosystem of the Blackwater Estuary.

Moored vessels may no longer use sea toilets within the port or harbour area and must dispose of all waste responsibly, including refuse and bilge waste. No waste can be dumped at sea and fuel/oil spills must be reported.

Breaches in the byelaws may result in moorings being removed.

Nigel Harmer, River Bailiff said “We are implementing reasonable enhancements of the Council’s River bylaws to reduce pollution in the Blackwater. By working with mooring holders and the Maldon Harbour Commissioners we can reflect the reasonable wishes of the public and ask that boat owners dispose of their rubbish thoughtfully, not to use ‘sea’ toilets in the harbour area, and not to refuel at sea.

Further details are available on our website Further information or to report a breach please contact the River Bailiff on Telephone number 01621 875837, Mobile 07818 013723 or email