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Maldon District Council reviews service delivery options

Published on Tuesday, 5th February 2019

Reorganisation to provide the best possible service to the community

At the extraordinary meeting of Council held on 31st January Members considered a report on a number of service delivery options as part of the Future Model transformation of the Council.

This transformation will see the Council drive efficiency and provide the best possible service to our communities through investment in information technology, becoming more customer focussed, and maximising our commercial opportunities.

In doing so, we will be completely reorganising the way in which our services are delivered in the future, in order to make an annual saving of £1.5m to meet our budget gap.

To achieve this, the Council has had to make some difficult decisions which will see our Tourism and Economic development services delivered in a different way and our financial contribution to the Citizen Advice Bureau reduced. 

It has therefore been agreed that;

Our Tourist Information service will be delivered through a digital solution, namely the www.visitmaldondistrict website which will also be able to support web-based Tourism enquires.
This will mean that Burnham Tourist Information Centre will close when the lease expires on 31 March with an option to offer a one-off grant for one year, to Burnham Town Council, to enable the Town Council to develop its own locally based service if they wish.

Maldon Tourist Information Centre will close on 30 September.

However, we will be focussing more on strategic Tourism to provide the very best ‘offer’ for the benefit of our visitors, tourism businesses and residents. This change in the service delivery will save overall £130,000.

We will have a more strategic approach for delivering our Economic Development support through a new ‘Prosperity’ theme which will developed through a stronger focus on strategic and partnership-based activity.  This change in service delivery will save £51,000.

Our level of financial contribution to support the Citizen Advice Bureau based in the Council Offices, will reduce by 15% or £11,000.  This reduction is in line with the reduction that the Council has made as part of the transformation of the Council.  The Council will still be contributing £62,500 per annum to enable to provide the important services they do for the community.   A report on the impact this decision has had will be considered by Council in 9 months.

Council staff affected have been made aware and opportunities for redeployment of staff will be considered and the Maldon Citizen Advice Bureau have also been informed.

Leader of Maldon District Council, Cllr Adrian Fluker, the Ward Member for Southminster, said; “The Council is on course to deliver its transformation programme and budget which together will ensure the sustainable future of the Council. Part of that process includes a review of discretionary services which are paid for by local tax payers. To continue with these services in their present form would mean increasing residents’ council tax over and above inflation and mean that savings would have to be made elsewhere which would affect the way the Council is run for the benefit of all its residents. These decisions have not been taken lightly and in the case of the CAB will be reviewed in 9 months’ time.”