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Danger Tree Volunteers thanked by Artists

Published on Tuesday, 7th May 2019

Danger Tree exhibitions

Visitors to the Danger Tree exhibition last year will not have forgotten the powerful and brutally beautifully artworks on display at the Moot Hall and Maeldune Heritage Centre which was part of the District’s most ambitious and celebrated commemoration activities ever.

Beginning with the erection of the Solitary Soldiers across the District which became iconic, and much plagiarized across Essex, it culminated with the poignant ‘Battles’ Over’ event in Promenade Park on the evening of Sunday 11 November.

The Danger Tree exhibition was one of the most celebrated exhibitions to take place in the town with over 1700 people visiting and created by award-winning artists Scarlett Raven and Marc Marot who brought to life the images with the use of modern technology, which moved all who saw it.

The volunteers who made the exhibition possible were recently thanked by the artists and given a limited-edition print entitled ‘Those Measureless Fields’. The reimagined portrait is that of local war hero Ben Cobey and using augmented reality, tells this soldiers brave and sad story.

Artists Marc and Scarlett, who unfortunately could not be present at this special thank you evening, said, “We want to pass on our thanks. The visitor numbers speak for themselves, we consider this to be a very successful exhibition for us and a fantastic example of how art doesn’t have to be centred in the city to be accessible to the people. As such we owe a vote of thanks to the people of Maldon as well as to all of you. But not forgetting all of our friends within the Councils and the venues who helped facilitate the exhibition.”

The exhibition was delivered in partnership with Maldon District Council, Maldon Town Council, the Tourist Information Centre, The Moot Hall, Maeldune Hieratite Centre and a small army of volunteers.

Richard Holmes, Director of Service Deliver for Maldon District Council, said “This exhibition also represents a wonderful example partnership and what can be achieved by volunteers. I would also like to thank all of you who helped deliver this event. We received fantastic feedback from everyone who visited. That positivity and wonderful experience was down to the dedication and commitment of volunteers.”

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