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Maldon Yacht Club

Published on Tuesday, 10th March 2020

Director of Service Delivery's Statement re Plans for the Maldon Yacht Club Area

Richard Holmes, Director of Service Delivery, said; “It is disappointing that so much inaccurate information had been circulating in relation to the Council’s plan for the area currently occupied by Maldon Yacht Club.

The Council has today, (4 March) held an extremely constructive and positive meeting with representatives of the Maldon Yacht Club to discuss some potential plans which will see their club house retained as well as a proposal of investment into the area by the Council.


The proposed plans were broadly welcomed by the Club, as this will allow the future Maldon Yacht Club to thrive and prosper in its current setting as well as allowing greater access to all residents and visitors to this area of Promenade Park and the riverway.

The Council has always been clear about our position in relation to the Maldon Yacht Club lease which is due to expire at the end of March. They had been given legal notice under the terms of their lease, with an offer of an extension whilst plans for the area where considered.  We are pleased however, that the proposals have been received so positively and that there is a willingness to work with us to refine the plans prior to consideration by Members and a new lease being issued”.