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Increase in abuse to Council Staff and Contractors results in Refuse Collection services being suspended to some residents

Published on Tuesday, 23rd June 2020

Please be kind to our staff and contractors as abuse will not be tolerated.

Whilst there has been a significant impact of Covid-19 on the Community, we have been proud that we have been able to continue to deliver the majority of service to a high standard, with minimal impact to customers.

Sadly, despite this, we are seeing an increase in verbal abuse and physical threats to our staff and contactors, including our Customer Service staff, and our Refuse contactors.

We will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour, any abusive calls will be terminated immediately, and incidents will be dealt with severely.

Over the last few weeks, a number of Waste Services have been suspended due to abusive behaviour, one of which is an indefinite suspension, and there has been Police involvement with some of the most significant incidents.

We understand that our residents and businesses are facing an extremely challenging time at the moment but would ask that you treat both our staff and Contractors with courtesy and respect whilst they are delivering key and essential services to the community at this difficult time.

Richard Homes, Director of Service Delivery and Head of Paid Service, said; “Whilst I appreciate the challenging times we have all faced, this does not excuse the abuse that our staff and contactors have recently experienced.  We will not hesitate to deal with incidents of abuse, so please be kind to our staff and contractors who are trying to do their job.”