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New Engineering Manufacturing Company Opens in Maldon

Published on Thursday, 23rd July 2020

Maldon District Council is delighted to welcome engineering and manufacturing company Advanced Diesel Engineering Ltd to the District.

The company, trading as Acoustic Solutions Essex, have secured new premises on Galliford Road Industrial Estate in Maldon.

This new site will complement their existing sites in West and South Yorkshire and Stafford and further establish themselves in the South of the UK.

The new premises will be designing and manufacturing bespoke acoustic containers and enclosures to house diesel and gas generators to provide emergency power to sectors including hospitals, prisons, banks, data centres, supermarkets, and warehouses.

As well as generator packaging, Advanced Diesel Engineering also produce canopies and housings for ancillary electrical equipment such as batteries, transformers, switchgear, and UPS equipment.

They are currently in the process of recruiting their Maldon workforce which will create in the region of 100 new jobs in the area including:

  • Stores Person
  • Welder fabricators
  • Welders mates
  • Industrial electricians & electricians mates
  • Industrial spray painters & preparers
  • Reception / back office
  • Sales representatives (Industry Experience) (national)
  • Design engineers (Industry experience)

Acoustic Solutions Essex are working closely with Maldon District Council and recruitment specialists to secure employment for the local community.

Anyone interested in a position with Advanced Diesel Engineering can contact them on

Cllr Bob Boyce MBE, Chairman of Maldon District Council, said, “I am delighted to welcome Acoustic Solutions Essex to our District, one of the nicest parts of Essex. It is really good news that despite the challenging time we have faced, there are still businesses who are able to expand and be in a position to create employment for over 100 people. I wish them every success.”

Darren Robson, Chairman, Advanced Diesel Engineering Ltd, said; “Advanced Diesel Engineering Ltd is delighted to be opening our Acoustic Solutions Essex site in Maldon and are actively building relationships with the Chamber of Commerce, local Council and community initiatives and thank them for the encouraging welcome we have received.

We are currently installing machinery and manufacturing infrastructures and aim to be in full production by the first week of August. It is our intention to have a workforce of around 100 in place by the end of the year and actively welcome applications.

I am looking forward to working with Maldon businesses as we establish ourselves in the South of England.”