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Letter from Cllr Elaine Bamford, Leader of Maldon District Council

Published on Monday, 12th October 2020

Letter from the Leader of Maldon District Council.

I am aware that recent publicity about Members of Maldon District Council has concerned many residents, particularly those who voted Conservative.  Please be assured that both Officers and Members are all working towards providing the best services for the District, as we have done since the start of the pandemic, although this has proved challenging at times.

It is so important to follow the Covid guidelines issued by Government even though in some circumstances you may not consider them fair or reasonable.  The level of infection is relatively low in this area thanks to the way in which the community has embraced the guidelines and I would urge all to help keep it that way.  Please see our website for guidance and help and I know many communities in the District have set up their own volunteers and helplines for those in need during this trying time for us all.

With regard to recent publicity relating to homophobia and bullying, please be assured that no Member voted against the sanctions for a Member who had been found guilty of unacceptable behaviour.  The recording of the meeting, available to the public, is clear.  The first vote for sanctions to May 2021 was voted down and the second vote for sanctions of one year, which in effect takes sanctions to 19 months to May 2022, when our Annual Meeting is held, was agreed. 

No member voted against the sanctions.  Those members who voted to agree on the first vote, may have voted against the second vote and vice versa. The publicity was therefore rather unfair and showed Members in a poor light.

However, with the help and support of our strong communities and residents we will turn the tide on the recent negative publicity which has been so damaging to the District.

The Maldon District is a fine and beautiful place to live and both officers and all of the Members of the Council will continue to work together to keep it that way.