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Chairman's Column - 18 January 2021

Published on Monday, 18th January 2021

Volunteering and the CVS

"Maldon District Council and Maldon & District Community Voluntary Service (CVS) share a vision - to support a strong and connected community, and to this end we often work together. I recently spoke to the Director of Maldon & District CVS to find out more.

"The CVS is an independent registered charity which exists to offer support for charities, community groups and volunteers in and around the Maldon District and to promote volunteering opportunities. Within the CVS is the Volunteer Centre, where there are volunteers vital to the running of many local community groups and charities and there are a variety of ways in which you can get involved. You can simply type in ‘Maldon CVS’ in any search engine for more information. Whether you have a little time to spare or a lot, there is a role to suit, and as a volunteer you could help with a local environmental project or conservation scheme, offer telephone care; or be a car or minibus driver to help disabled and elderly people get out; there are many ways to get involved.

"The Volunteer Centre holds information on a wide range of volunteering roles to suit people with different interests, motivations and availability. It is located at The Square, Holloway Road in Heybridge and will help you to find out more about running a community group or charity or volunteering locally. It can provide guidance on issues and questions around developing new volunteer roles, advice on risk assessments, writing a volunteer policy and agreements, and how to follow good practice guidelines, as well as providing information and support to anyone thinking about volunteering.

"You may have seen the volunteers in action at the Council Offices, marshalling and directing our senior residents to their vaccine injections, and I have seen first-hand the great work over the years of people who really care about their community. I’m sure you know many more. These people are often the glue that holds a community together - but it can also be a two-way-street and volunteers can benefit you and your family, as much as any cause you choose to help.

"Dedicating your time helps you to make new friends, expand your network and boost your social skills. As a local councillor I have the privilege of being involved with some charities through local government appointments and some more that I just couldn’t help but get involved with to help or to promote. I thoroughly commend the good work of the Maldon & District Community Voluntary Service and I really hope you may consider becoming involved in some of the very needy and worthwhile causes.

"My great thanks to ALL volunteers. You deserve the title of Local Hero.

"As always, please keep safe."

Cllr Mark S. Heard 

Chairman of Maldon District Council