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Local Development Plan Review - Call For Sites

Published on Thursday, 18th March 2021

Maldon District Council are carrying out a Call For Sites exercise, as part of a review of the Local Development Plan and an associated piece of work called a Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA).

If you are a landowner, developer or architect, perhaps you know of, or own a piece of land that is suitable for development?  If so then the Council would like to know about it.  

A HELAA is a technical assessment of sites that could contribute towards the future supply of land for development. The HELAA will not determine which sites are allocated for development in the new Local Plan, neither will it determine whether or not a site is granted planning permission for development. 

The land should be in Maldon District and could include land that is suitable for housing, employment, retail, leisure or community uses.

With regards to land for housing, the Council is interested in land for all types of housing as well as market housing, sites for self-build, custom build, affordable housing and housing for specialist needs. 

Though the Council will consider all representations, land in the open countryside away from any settlement is unlikely to be found suitable for residential housing.   

The site submission form and more information on this call for sites can be found on the Council’s website  closing date for submissions 21st May 2021.