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Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) Consultation

Published on Thursday, 17th June 2021

The Consultation will run from Friday 17 June to Thursday 29 July 2021.

The Council adopted the first Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) in 2007 and updates have been made since, with this 2021 draft, being the third version.

The planning system affects all communities and individuals in one way or another. It is therefore crucial that local people are given the ability to understand the planning process and the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes, offering their ideas and influencing future development in the District.

Our latest Statement of Community Involvement therefore sets out how the Council will engage with the local community, businesses and interested parties in the forthcoming review of our Local Plan.

The SCI also sets out how the Council will involve the community when considering planning applications and major proposals for development.

We are now seeking views on the SCI and what consultation will take place when we are developing and reviewing our planning documents and determining planning applications.

You can read the draft Statement of Community Involvement and give feedback by following this link

The draft Statement also provides information on what support the Council can give to communities preparing neighbourhood plans or neighbourhood development orders.

Cllr Wendy Stamp, Leader of Maldon District Council, said; “The Statement of Community Involvement will be used as a framework for consultation and engagement by the Council. It will inform and help guide our approach to consultation for the production of planning policy documents and planning applications. I would encourage residents and businesses to give us their view.”