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Chairman's Column - 22 June 2021

Published on Tuesday, 22nd June 2021

Chairman of the council Cllr Mark Heard June 2021 in front of MDC offices

Important Vaccination Appeal to the Young

"Calling all parents and grandparents – Please read this!"

“Last week I spoke about Civic Pride, how it brings a community together, what we, as individuals can do and what makes us feel good about where we live. 
“I recently attended my third Responsible Authority Group (RAG) meeting where different organisations such as Police, Council, Probation Service, NHS etc. from the District get together to discuss local issues.

“The NHS representative reported that we were making great progress administering the life-saving vaccines as we now surpass 80% of our local adult population receiving the first jab and over 60% receiving their second jab. This is great news of course, as the death rate and hospitalisation numbers tumble, and more and more people are being protected from the latest ‘Delta’ variant.

“Sadly, this variant has now become the dominant strain in the UK, and has now been found in the Maldon District, so we must continue to be cautious.

“It has been brought to my attention however, that some misleading leaflets are popping up and being distributed to young people around the playing fields near the Council Offices, near to where the jabs are being given.  They purport to be from a medical authority suggesting the vaccination programme is unsafe and is a government conspiracy!

“I have been given an absolute assurance that this is completely wrong, but if young people of the District are targeted by such dangerous misinformation and persuaded NOT to take up the vaccine, this dreadful disease will continue to flourish and be present in our society.

“Young people tend to meet and network together much more than older residents and with less social distancing!  I don’t suppose there are many young people who will read this column … but parents and grandparents and senior residents of the District may, I hope! So please, please, try to explain to them it is incumbent on ALL family members of the District to be vaccinated to protect us from new variants and get us back to normal again, meeting and shopping locally without fear, supporting local restaurants and businesses and keeping each other safe.

“I don’t want to preach, but please encourage our young people to carry that civic pride and do their public duty and step up when their turn comes. Millions of people have now been vaccinated throughout the world, and millions more are being saved from death and serious illness. So, let’s take pride in our District and make it the safest place in the world to live. Thanks for reading this and I wish you all well.

“Take care.”

Councillor Mark Heard's Signature

Councillor Mark S. Heard
Chairman of Maldon District Council