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Chairman's Column - 12 July 2021

Published on Monday, 12th July 2021

The Strategy and Resources Committee

“Last month I explained about Maldon District Council’s Performance and Governance Committee but another of the Council’s important committees is the Strategy & Resources Committee or ‘S&R as it is known.

“Members of this committee are appointed annually and politically balanced with five Independent Councillors, four Conservative Councillors and two non-aligned Councillors; again, it does not include members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, to keep any scrutiny in relation to this committee impartial.


“S&R handles some pretty heavy subjects such as the monitoring and regulation of the Council’s finances, including investments and borrowing, reviewing the operation of the Council’s Financial Regulations and procedures, making recommendations on any changes in accordance with its treasury management strategy or budgetary framework.

“It is also responsible for the approval of some delegated policies and strategies, the review of non-regulatory policies and strategies and the approval of business cases for new corporate and commercial projects and the allocation of resources to new projects.

“The current Chairman of S&R is Cllr Richard Siddall (Ind. Great Totham) and Vice Chair is Cllr Christopher Swain (Ind. Maldon East) and both Councillors have held these positions since November 2020 and were again ratified for the next 12 months at our Statutory Annual Meeting in early May.

“The last meeting (15h June) focussed on the Council’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strategy for the next five years, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion of the workforce, Community involvement on how the Council will communicate with the public on planning matters and the appointment of representatives on committees relevant to S&R.

“The Committee may also require any officer to attend the meetings to provide pertinent information and advice in relation to any internal or external audit report.

“The full terms of reference for S&R are available on the MDC website as well as all the dates it will meet. You can even download a copy of the agenda and reports from there. Be careful before printing anything though as many council agenda papers can be anything from 150 to 500 pages and members of the committee are expected to read, understand and contribute to any debate when these papers are presented!


“The next S & R meeting is at 7:30pm on Thursday 15th July at the Council offices with in person attendance requiring pre-registration, but will also be livestreamed and you can catch up with it thereafter on You Tube or through the MDC website. 

“Meanwhile I do hope you and your families are still keeping safe and well.”

Councillor Mark S. Heard
Chairman of Maldon District Council