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Chairman's Column - 24 August 2021

Published on Tuesday, 24th August 2021

Burnham Councillors on Maldon District Council

“There are 31 Maldon District Councillors elected by and working for you! - to represent you, your views and the area in which you live, which is known as a ward. Together, we all make up the representation for the whole of the Maldon District. This involves sitting on many Committees, outside bodies and associations. Today I would like to talk about the Burnham-on-Crouch Councillors; they are Councillors Wendy Stamp (Independent), Vanessa Bell (Independent), Nick Skeens (Independent) and Anne Hull (Conservative). All four became District Councillors in May 2019 and are, or were, Town Councillors for Burnham.

“Councillor Wendy Stamp is a local businesswoman and in May 2021 she was elected as an Essex County Councillor for the Southminster Division which includes Burnham-on-Crouch. She was Mayor of Burnham last year and was appointed Leader of Maldon District Council in November 2020 after being selected by the governing Independent Group of Councillors to be Group Leader. She sits on the Strategy and Resources Committee, Maldon District Highways Panel, the Appointments Board and represents the Council on a number of outside bodies.

“Councillor Vanessa Bell is the current Mayor of Burnham and the current Chairman of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee and the Crime and Disorder Committee; she is also the Chairman of the South Eastern Area Planning Committee, a member of the Appointments Committee which interviews applicants for key roles in the Council and the Investigating and Disciplinary Panel. She is also appointed by the Council on the Maldon & District Youth strategy Group.

“Councillor Nick Skeens is also a past Deputy Mayor of Burnham, a member of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee and the Crime and Disorder Committee, Vice Chairman of the South Eastern Area Planning Committee and has been appointed to represent Maldon District Council on the Bradwell B Community Forum and the Bradwell Local Community Liaison Council.

“Councillor Anne Hull sits on the Performance Governance & Audit Committee, Licensing Committee and Licensing Sub-Committee, the Investigating and Disciplinary Panel and is also a Member of the Local Area Highways Panel.

“Additionally, all four (by default) sit on the South Eastern Area Planning Committee, District Planning Committee and obviously attend all Council meetings. Do remember though that most Councillors are working hard every day for the District - and for you. There are Committee papers for meetings that have to be read (some can be over 500 pages!), working groups to attend as well as dealing with phone calls from residents and companies; it can be tough sometimes but very rewarding when something falls into place just at the right time. So spare a thought for them and until next time, please stay safe.”     

Councillor Mark Heard's Signature

Councillor Mark S. Heard
Chairman of Maldon District Council