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Bags Of Taste Restarting In The Maldon District

Published on Thursday, 30th September 2021

Bags of Taste is an award-winning social enterprise that supports vulnerable people who live in food poverty.

The mentorship course teaches participants the skills to cook healthy meals on a budget to feed themselves and their families for below £1 a portion.

The course looks to reduce health inequalities by targeting those in greatest need. The course ran successfully last Autumn in Maldon District with 94% of the course participants living with long term health conditions.

They support people to learn the skills to be more independent, resilient and make better food choices. Many of our beneficiaries have multiple and complex challenges and a large majority have mental health issues. We are specialists in getting these people to make lasting change to their eating habits and this impact hugely on their overall health and future well-being.

Councillor Wendy Stamp, Leader of Maldon District Council, said; “I am delighted to see initiatives such as these taking place in the District.  It will provide great support to those who need help in cooking healthy and affordable meals and I would encourage those who are eligible to sign up.” 

This project is aimed those who are in food poverty or socially isolated, people on a low income, single parents, pensioners, families struggling with budgets or over reliant on takeaway or ready meals.

Bags of Taste are currently recruiting Maldon District residents and would like them to express their interest by sending an email to with a contact number so they can be signed up for this amazing opportunity.

The course will run through Autumn/Winter 2021/22 and was funded through the Maldon District Livewell Fund.