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Launch of One Maldon District

Published on Tuesday, 1st March 2022

A new cross-sector partnership has been launched in the District of Maldon.

One Maldon District will bring together senior level representatives from across the local statutory, voluntary, and private sectors to improve health, wellbeing, and community safety across the District.

Maldon District Council Leader, Cllr Penny Channer said:

“One Maldon District will enable organisations to work together to make impactful decisions to improve the quality of life of residents and help break down organisational barriers to ensure we approach challenges in the district in a joined-up way.

“The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the need for cooperation and coordination of organisations across the district. Over the past two years, partners have worked tirelessly together to provide the best possible response for communities of the district. One Maldon District is our opportunity, our vehicle, to ensure that partnership approach continues. 

“The partnership’s approach to health, wellbeing and community safety will ensure organisations are addressing local challenges and creating new opportunities for the benefit of our residents.”
Maldon and District Community Voluntary Service Director, Sarah Troop Laskar said: “One Maldon District offers a great opportunity for cross-sector working and for different parts of the community to learn from each other, skill share and foster better understanding, all for the benefit of our residents. We look forward to working with One Maldon partners and are excited to see what opportunities we can collectively create.

“Maldon district residents will be what One Maldon District serves and to that end we will lead on social cohesion, the fostering of asset-based community development and ensure priorities and outcomes are informed by effective community engagement.”

The first meeting is scheduled for the week commencing 4 April 2022. Please follow the One Maldon District on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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