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Chairman’s Column – Attending Events and What Our District Has to Offer

Published on Tuesday, 3rd May 2022

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“Have you ever wondered what people elsewhere in Essex think of the Maldon District?

"Well, since society has opened up slightly (although I remain cautious) I have received a number of invitations to attend functions in other towns and districts, including Thurrock, Witham, Brentwood, Basildon, Rochford, Southend and Castle Point to name a few.

“Many of these events are charity functions, or civic events such as a church service involving a local dignitary, civic dinners or functions commemorating that the term of office of a Mayor or District Chair is coming to an end following a very interrupted year or two with the pandemic.

“Recently, one charity dinner I attended raised £2,500 for Ukrainian families fleeing the tyranny of the Russian invasion. At another function, a Ukrainian brother and sister spoke of their plight, and of their gratitude to the UK after being helped by a Brentwood family, and I know Maldon District has been pulling its weight too.

“I always try to highlight the many assets of our District, and I’m pleased to discover that Maldon, Burnham-on-Crouch and the area’s lovely villages are already very well known by just about everyone I meet! We have so much to offer visitors - our coastline, facilities and heritage are very attractive to those who come to us and are subject to much comment. I am constantly (and very pleasantly) surprised to find myself talking to someone who almost always has some kind of link to Maldon, be it through family, friends, work or just fond memories.

“We should remember all that we have to offer and take the opportunity to see some of it for ourselves. I wonder how many readers of this article have visited the museums of Maldon and Burnham, been on a barge, walked the coast, visited the recreation grounds or beaches or stopped at the many different cafes and restaurants all over the District?

“Sometimes you can take a voyage of discovery right on your doorstep, and with the rocketing price of fuel I do recommend that you give it a go and make the most of what is right in front of us. Visiting our neighbours and talking to people out of the District has reminded me that we should never be at a loss to find something interesting to see and do and to tell others about.

“Until next time, I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend and, as always, keep safe.”

Councillor Mark Heard's signature

Councillor Mark Heard

Chairman of Maldon District Council