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We are always keen to hear residents' views. Have your say by commenting on any of the consultations below.

Your Money, Your Say! Budget Consultation

Council budgets all over the country are being squeezed due to reductions in funding and costs that continue to rise. It is therefore vital that the Council’s limited resources are used effectively.

A consultation is now open to ask residents and businesses for their views on how the Council uses those resources. Questions cover topics such as the Council’s priorities, ideas for saving money and generating income, cost effective payment methods and possible changes to Council Tax support.

Importantly, the questionnaire also asks for views on a proposed £5.00 a year increase in Council Tax. This increase, which equates to just 10 pence per week, would help the Council to maintain services in the future given the challenges with rising prices and the reduction in the Council’s funding.

The consultation is from Friday 30 July to 11.00pm on Friday 10 September.

Complete the Your Money, Your Say! Consultation here