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Delegated decisions

This page lists our delegated decisions that have been made since November 2021.

Delegated decisions are those made by officers in line with powers that have been given to them in the Constitution. Scheme of Delegation

This is part of our Openness and Transparency as an organisation. Decisions made by Committees can be found in the minutes by visiting the relevant committee at our Committee structure

Please give the job title of the officer making the decision? Date that the decision was made? Please name any Members involved in the decision? Please select the specific scheme of delegation area reference your decision relates to? Please indicate the specific reference number or letter from the scheme of delegation Summary of decision taken
Director of Service Delivery 2/14/2022   Service Delivery Asset Management 17e A letter of intent has been issued to extend the lease for Action For Family Carers (AFFC) for a 10 year period to allow the drawdown of funding obtained by AFFC to modernise the accommodation.
Director of Strategy, Performance & Governance 27/04/2022 Cllr Penny Channer, Leader of the Council;  Cllr Mark Heard, Chairman of the Council General- Emergency Powers   Referendum for the Neighbourhood Plan for Great Totham – 6 May 2022
Polling Station Required Change

A Referendum is required for Great Totham which is scheduled for 9 June 2022.
It has become necessary for a change of polling station location for Great Totham South for this Referendum. The usual station, Great Totham Village Hall, is not available on the day of poll and is not available for any other suitable date in order to meet the required deadlines within which to hold the referendum. Therefore an alternative station at Honywood Hall, Hall Road, Great Totham, Maldon, Essex CM9 8NN has been sourced and checked for suitability.
The Hall is central within this part of the village.  It is quite compact, but provides all the necessary things needed, such as space for voting booths, so that electors can cast their vote in privacy, as well as for my staff to issue votes. It has a suitable kitchen and amenities and other ancillary items as required as well as access for disabled people.  There is space within the boundary of the Hall for around five cars which based on the electorate and estimated outturn will be sufficient.
Paul Dodson
Returning Officer
26 April 2022
Director of Resources 1/17/2022   General- Emergency Powers Emergency Powers Approval of the Omicron Grant Scheme Policy
Director of Resources 10/03/2022 Leader and Chair of S&R General- Emergency Powers Emergency Powers To increase the contractual payment to Suez (Refuse Contractor) to match fund a pay increase for workers to address the national HGV driver labour shortage and market rate differential, needed urgently to ensure continuation of services and income. The annual increase is c£50k, offset in 22/23 by additional recycling income.
Director of Service Delivery  1/25/2022   General- Emergency Powers   allow public access to committee meetings until 25th February so a full council paper can be considered - encouraging pre registration and allowing for 6 bodies in the chamber and 25 in the northey room on a first come first served basis
Director of Service Delivery 16/02/2022 Cllr Channer & Cllr Siddall General- Emergency Powers   Agreement to seek legal support to arrange for an emergency injunction relating to land adjacent to the A414 in Maldon.
Director of Service Delivery 01/06/2022   Service Delivery Asset Management To approve any letting of property for a period of up to seven years at market rent  to which statutory security of tenure will not apply. lease agreement approved for 4 sided shelter within prom park, signed by Director & Councillor
Director of Service Delivery 16/02/2022 Cllr Channer & Cllr Siddall General- Emergency Powers   Approval of Social Enterprise Accelerator Fund Policy - a policy document which the available fund will be administered against.  Approved taken  under Emergency Powers due to the timescales. there is limited time to ensure defrayal of the fund (31st March 2022).
Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance 12/23/2021   General- Emergency Powers Emergency Powers Approval of items of Council business from Council meeting of 16/12/21, which were not able to be completed by Full Council and were eligible to be approved via emergency powers, as set out in attached table.
Director of Strategy, Performance & Governance 04/03/2022 Cllr Richard Siddall General- Consultations   To respond to Essex County Council's consultation on the intention to create a new 420 place primary school, off Limebrook Way, Maldon
Director of Resources 12/09/2021   General- Emergency Powers Paragraph 9 of the General Provisions relating to Delegation including "Proper Officer" designations Extension of the lease to the NHS to use part of the Council offices as a vaccination centre until 31st March 2022.
Director of Strategy, Performance and Governance 11/18/2021   Strategy, Performance and Governance Corporate Projects  Corporate Projects 41. In consultation with the Commercial Projects Board to approve any spend up to  £10,000, subject to the details being reported to the Strategy and Resources  Committee Agreement to spend £3,500 from the feasibility reserves towards the design proposals for Prom Park Jubilee Shelter.