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Find a Planning Agent

Making a planning application can be daunting. Many applicants prefer to use the services of a planning agent or architect to help prepare and submit a complete application.

We have a policy of not recommending the services of any specific planning agent. However, there are several ways you may wish to find an agent or architect.


An architect can oversee and manage your entire building project, from initial designs, submission of plans through to final completion of the project.

The Architects Registration Board (ARB) is an independent UK regulator of architects. They keep the official UK Register of Architects and only people in their Register are legally entitled to use the name 'architect' in business or practice. Members of the public can check with ARB that they are dealing with a genuine and qualified professional.

Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)

The RTPI is a professional planning organisation. Their online directory of planning consultants is designed to help you and can provide a wide range of planning advice to those seeking paid services.