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Appealing a planning decision

Who can appeal

You can appeal a decision for an application you made yourself, or appeal on behalf of someone else. You’ll be asked to provide the planning application number and decision date.

You will not be able to appeal against a planning decision if you objected to the application. If you commented on a planning application that has been appealed, we will write to you to let you know.

How to appeal

The Planning Inspectorate are a separate government body that deals with appeals against planning decisions and you need to lodge your appeal with them

An appeal against a planning decision can be made if:

  • you were refused planning permission
  • you were granted planning permission with conditions you object to
  • the Local Planning Authority has not given you a decision on your application

The types of procedures are:

  • Householder Fast-Track procedure, used for works to an existing house known as ‘householder’ applications
  • Exchange of written statements, used for most other planning appeals
  • Hearing
  • Public inquiry

Useful documents

Planning appeals - procedural guide

Planning appeals - how to complete your appeal form.