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Planning Meeting FAQ


Following the relaxation of Covid rules, members of the public can now physically access meetings in the Council Chamber. However, physical access is limited to ten persons in the Chamber, together with an overflow room providing accommodation for an additional 25 persons. All meetings will continue to be live streamed on the Council's YouTube channel for those wishing to observe remotely. Public participants wishing to speak remotely at a meeting can continue to do so via Microsoft Teams.

How do I register to speak on an item?

Members of the public wishing to speak under the Public Speaking Protocol must submit a Public Access form (by 12noon on the working day before the Committee meeting). All requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the deadline to register?

12 noon the day before the meeting.

Does registration guarantee I can speak at a meeting?

No, registration to speak at a meeting is based on a first come first served approach. We only allow, one objector, one supporter etc. Speaking at the meeting is designed to supplement any information you have already given in the planning application process.

Can I submit additional images or information to be shown at the committee?

In line with our Public Speaking Protocol, participants will not be allowed to distribute or display papers, plans, photographs, or other material to accompany their submissions.

Can I watch online?

Yes, all meetings will be streamed live via the Council's YouTube channel and are available to view after the meeting. Council encourages attendance this way.

How long will I have to speak?

We allow a maximum of two minutes for each person speaking on an item.

Can I send a written statement to be read out by others?

No, representation must be in person or if attending remotely via Microsoft Teams, according to the Public Speaking Protocol.

Where can I find details about future meetings?

On Maldon District Council’s website Calendar of monthly meetings.

Do I have to attend the whole meeting?

If attending physically you can remain for the full meeting or leave after your item. If attending remotely, we will ask you to join for your item only and leave once it has finished. You can continue to watch the live stream via the Council's YouTube channel.

What happens if I am late or can no longer join the meeting?

Please email Unfortunately, we will not delay an item for participation.

Can I ask questions or contribute during the debate?

No, as defined in the Public Speaking Protocol.