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Who is consulted on a planning application?

When a valid application is received the Council will undertake a consultation process.  It will depend upon the type, scale and location of the development as to who is consulted and the method of consultation.

With most applications site notices will be displayed on or near the site and immediate neighbours will be written to (unless neighbouring land is a field or plot of land with no postal address).  The Council also publishes a weekly list of applications on Public Access website which anyone can search and look at.

If an application relates to a listed building, is located within a conservation area, is a major development, a departure from the local plan or could affect a public right of way then an advertisement is also placed in the local newspaper The Maldon and Burnham.

The relevant Town or Parish Council will also be consulted on planning applications and we may also write to other council departments, amenity groups, or bodies such as the Environment Agency or Natural England for their views on an application if it is relevant.