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How do I apply to discharge any conditions attached to my planning permission?

There are often conditions attached to planning permissions that require further details to be submitted for approval, for example, samples of materials or details of landscaping. This additional information must be submitted to us for formal agreement - known as 'discharge of conditions'.

Applications to apply for the discharge of planning conditions should be made on the relevant application form. There is a fee payable for the discharge of planning conditions

If you have more than one condition that requires discharging, then you can apply to clear more than one within the same application. The fee is payable per application so if you choose to discharge your conditions over multiple applications you will have to pay a fee each time. If you're sending documents to discharge multiple conditions at the same time, please provide a table or drawing/document register identifying which information relates to which condition.

When planning permission is granted subject to conditions, it's the responsibility of the applicant, or any subsequent developer, to ensure that the terms of all conditions are met in full. The conditions will outline specific points in your development when details should be submitted to us for approval or when certain elements of the development must be completed.

You should allow plenty of time for your application to discharge conditions to be considered by us. Discharge of conditions applications are usually dealt with within 8 weeks of submission of a valid application.