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Undertaking work without consent

If work is carried out to a tree protected by a TPO without obtaining written consent first, or to a tree growing in a conservation area without serving notice first, we may decide to prosecute those responsible. For cutting down or destroying a tree, a fine of up to £20,000 can be imposed, and the landowner is also required to replace the tree that was removed. All other unauthorised works could receive a fine of up to £2,500. Any financial gain through these actions will be taken into account by the court when reaching its decision. In these cases, if the matter is dealt with by the Crown Court, the fine level is unlimited.

If you are concerned that work is being undertaken to a protected tree, or tree in a conservation area, you can check our online planning system to see if the work has permission. If you think the works are unauthorised, please contact us and provide us with as much detail as possible, including the location of the tree.