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Addressing a single property

If you are building a new property, an application for a new address should be submitted to us as soon as work commences on site.

You need to complete and submit an application form along with a site layout plan indicating the new property in relation to any existing properties. We also need to know where the front door will be to enable us to address the property correctly.  This is especially important if the property is on the corner of two different roads.

If the property is in a numbered street the next logical number will be allocated to it, often with a suffix, e.g. 3A.  If the property is not in a numbered street, then the developer or owner is asked to suggest a name for the property.  The name will be checked to ensure it does not conflict with any others within the local vicinity.

Once we have obtained a postcode from Royal Mail we will send you a letter to confirm the new postal address and we will notify statutory bodies such as the emergency services, Royal Mail and the Land Registry.  Please note that it may take a few months for address changes or new addresses to appear on the databases of other companies and organisations.

Property numbers or names need to be shown on the new properties as soon as possible to enable them to be easily located.

Please complete our online e-form.

A fee will be charged for such requests.