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What is the street naming and numbering procedure?

Suggestions for new street names should ideally reflect the local area or have a connection with the development site.  Names will not be considered if they have been duplicated or are similar to others in the near vicinity, nor if they are after a living person.  Proposals from the public are welcome and will be considered along with any others submitted, however the developer has the right to choose the final name(s).

When we have a list of suitable street names, we will undertake a 28-day consultation with Royal Mail, the emergency services, the local Town/Parish Council and local district Councillors as to the suitability of the new name(s).

Once a new street name has been agreed we will register it and contact Royal Mail for new postcodes.  We will prepare a numbering schedule and plan and will notify statutory bodies such as the emergency services, utility companies, Royal Mail, the Land Registry and relevant Council services of the changes.  It may take a few months for address changes or new addresses to appear on the databases of other companies and organisations.

The developer will be sent a copy of the naming and numbering schedule showing plot to postal numbers (postal numbers will often be different to plot numbers) and it is their responsibility to inform all purchasers of their new property address.

Where appropriate, developers will be asked to provide new street nameplates to our standard design. It is very important that nameplates for new streets are erected before any property becomes occupied to enable the properties to be easily located.  This is especially important in the instance of the emergency services being called out.

Property numbers (not plot numbers) need to be shown on the new properties as soon as possible to enable them to be easily located.