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Fees and turnaround times

Local Land Charges Fees

Fees for local land charges

Fees 2021/2022

From 1st April 2021

(inc. VAT where applicable)

LLC1 residential £23
CON29R only residential £151
Full search residential (LLC1 and CON29) - total fee £174
LLC1 non-residential £41
CON29R only non-residential £179
Full search non-residential (LLC1 and CON29) - total fee £220
CON29O - Q4 - Q21 per question £19
CON29O - Q22 only £28
Additional parcel of land LLC1 £5
Additional parcel of land CON29 £19
Additional Enquiry - fee per question £40

All fees must be paid at the time of the search request.

Fees can be paid using the following methods:

  • Pay by BACS. Details will be supplied by email once the search has been accepted. Please do not use our Automated Telephone Payment service for Planning or Land Charge Fees.

We aim to complete and return searches within 20 working days of receipt of the correct documentation and fee.