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Postal Votes

 If you do not want to attend the polling station or are unable to go to the polling station please see how to vote by post

Changes to Postal Vote Handling process

Important: changes to postal vote arrangements 

The UK Parliamentary General Election takes place on Thursday 4 July 2024, and postal votes have now started being sent out.

There are important changes in the rules around the handing in of postal votes.

While we expect most people with a postal vote will continue to send it in via a Royal Mail post box - the process for which is unchanged - some drop them off direct to us at the council offices.

Anyone bringing in a postal vote will now have to complete a postal vote return form. If they do not do this, the postal vote will be rejected.

The form will also need to be countersigned, so it cannot just be completed and left. A member of our reception team will need to go through it with the individual bringing it in.

There is also now a maximum number of postal votes that can be handed in, which is five plus your own.

And political campaigners are no longer allowed to hand in postal votes unless they all belong to close relatives or people they provide regular care to.

To help the public through these changes, our reception at Princes Road is open every weekday between 9am and 4pm until election day. Staff will be on hand and postal vote return forms will be available.

A notice will go on our letterbox explaining that any postal vote posted through it will be rejected.  Please do not put any postal votes through our letterbox.

The exact same rules for completing a postal vote return form also apply to anyone who returns a postal vote at a polling station on election day.