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Community Governance

Heybridge Basin

Community Governance Review - Parish of Heybridge - Basin Ward

The Council on 14 February 2019 approved a recommendation arising from the recent Review consultation that Heybridge Basin becomes a Parish in its own right (separate from Heybridge) and has its own Parish Council. A steering group was then set up to discuss and report back to the Council on the more detailed arrangements for implementation such as Parish Council size, elections, transfer of property, budget requirement and the first precept to be levied on the Council taxpayers of Heybridge Basin. Representatives of the local referendum group in Heybridge Basin and also from Heybridge Parish Council were invited to work with the District Councillors for Heybridge on the steering group. Following reports back to the Council, most recently on 12 September 2019, approval has been given to the making of a Re-organisation Order to bring these detailed arrangements into effect. The key features are:

  • The new Parish of Heybridge Basin will come into being on 1 April 2020
  • The new Parish Council will be called Heybridge Basin Parish Council and will have seven Councillors. They will be elected in May 2020
  • The District Council will set the first precept for the new Parish Council to be levied on the Council taxpayers of Heybridge Basin
  • The new Parish Council will take on responsibility for the Daisy Meadow Car Park and other Parish functions from Heybridge Parish Council later in May 2020 on a date to be agreed

The Reorganisation Order was made on 1 October 2019 and is available for download here. The first precept has been set at £24,374.00 and was determined by the District Council on the basis of a reasonable assessment of the likely budget requirement of the new Parish Council. For householders in the new Parish of Heybridge Basin this will be the basis of the Parish element of the Council Tax bill for 2020/21 instead of that levied by Heybridge Parish Council. The precept will be paid to the new Parish Council to fund its operation and responsibilities during 2020/21, and it will be for the new Parish Council to set its own precept for subsequent financial years.

Details of the Reorganisation Order

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