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Statement of Accounts

Draft Statement of Accounts

Following the end of our financial year on 31 March, we will publish a draft statement of accounts. The preparation and publication of the statement has to follow statutory requirements and timescales.

External Audit

An independent auditor will conduct an audit of the draft statement. The deadline for completion of the audit for years 2022/23 to 2027/28 was extended from the normal timeframe of 31 July, to be completed by 30 September.

The deadline for the audit of the 2022/23 statement of accounts of 30 September has not been met, as the 2021/22 audit has not started yet. A Notice of Delayed Audit 31 March 2023 can be found on the link below

Once the auditor has concluded their audits, we will make the final statements available for inspection.

Financial publications available for download: