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Applying for a Disabled Reduction

You may qualify for a Council Tax Disabled Reduction if certain facilities at your home meet the needs of a disabled person who is living at the property.

  • A room, other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet, used mainly by the disabled person (for therapy or otherwise) or;
  • An additional bathroom or kitchen for the use of the person with the disability or;
  • Extra space to allow for the use of a wheelchair.

When looking at your application the following will be considered:

  • That there is a person living at the address who is substantially and permanently disabled by illness, injury or otherwise and;
  • That these facilities are needed for the well being of the person because of the nature or extent of their disability and;
  • That the person would find it physically impossible or extremely difficult to live in the home if the facilities were not available and;
  • That their health would suffer or the disability would become more severe if the facilities were not available.

If you qualify, your bill will be discounted by one Council Tax band. If you live in a Council Tax band D property your bill will be reduced to the Council Tax band C rate.

If you qualify and you live in a Council Tax band A property, the discount will be 1/9th of Council Tax band D rate.

Your Council Tax property band itself will not be reduced but the discount will show on your bill.

Only one disabled reduction can be given even if the home has more than one facility or disabled person.

Apply for a disabled reduction. You will need your Council Tax account number, this is the 9 digits beginning with 6 at the top of your Council Tax bill.