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Car park spaces


  • White Horse Lane -    *Please note there is a 2.4m height barrier at this car park*
  • Pay & Display, Short Stay (181) spaces and (5) 30-minute free bays [see map]       
  • Butt Lane -
    Pay & Display, Long Stay (177) spaces and (6) 30-minute free bays (please note an area of this car park is used for a retail market on Thursday & Saturday) [see map]
  • Friary Fields -
    Pay & Display, Medium Stay (59) spaces [see map]
  • High Street East -
    Pay & Display, Long Stay (67) [see map] and (5) 30-minute free bays
  • Market Site -
    Permit holders only seven days a week (27) spaces. [see map]
  • Silver Street -
    Permit holders only seven days a week (8) spaces. [ see map ]
  • Promenade Park -
    Pay & Display, (1500) spaces, charges apply seven days a week (including Bank Holidays) [see map]. We ask that camper vans use the main car park and not the coach park

Weekends and Bank Holidays only

  • Council Offices -
    Pay an Display (92) spaces [see map]



Please note that there is a designated motorcycle parking bay at the White Horse Lane car park. In all other car parks please use any car parking space. Motorcycles can park in the designated bay and normal car parking spaces without charge or the need to display a permit.

How to pay for parking

Pay by Card - Contactless / Chip and Pin

Pay by Phone - RingGo - (App available on Apple Store or Google Play)