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Other Discounts

Supporting Small Business Relief

This relief limits 2023/24 bill increases for businesses who, as a result of an increase in their rateable value, have lost some or all of their small business rate relief/rural rate relief or those who were receiving the extended transitional relief and SSB.

The increase will be capped at £600 for eligible businesses.

Due to the late announcement of the details of this scheme we were unable to include it on the bills that were sent 10 March but adjusted bills have now been sent to eligible businesses

Please contact us  if you believe you are eligible for the relief and wish to discuss payment of the April instalment, pending the revised bill

Local discounts under The Localism Act

Although most Business Rates rules are laid down by central government, the Localism Act 2011 now gives local councils more flexibility. Local councils can now help organisations in their area by granting local business rate discounts. Central government pays 50% of the costs of these local discounts, the council pays 49% and the precepting authorities (Essex County Council, PFC) pay 1%.

The Council takes the following into account when deciding whether to give a local discount.

  • Will a discount result in a substantial positive impact on residents and taxpayers in the Maldon District?
  • Does the organisation provide substantial and essential long term benefits to the community and to the council tax payer, for example by increasing employment or improving local amenities for the community?
  • Could a discount have an anti-competitive effect on other businesses in the district? This could happen if there are other businesses in the area which provide the same or similar services or facilities.

How to apply

There is no application form for a local business rate discount. Please contact us to say why your business should receive one and provide us with all the details you think are relevant, including your contact details.