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House to House Collections

House to House Collection Permit

To carry out house-to-house collections for charitable purposes in the Maldon district, you must apply for a permit.  There is no fee to apply for a permit.

Collections are governed by the House to House Collections Act 1939

To apply for a permit:

  • you must be a fit and proper person
  • you must provide details of the collection date(s), location and what is being collected (e.g. money or articles to sell, giveaway or re-use)
  • the collection must be for charitable purposes

Applications must be made at least 1 calendar month before the first collection date.

If circumstances change regarding date(s) and location(s) of house-to-house collections, contact us.  If you do not hear from us within 1 calendar month, you can act as though your permit was issued.

Once you have completed your house-to-house collection, you must notify us of the result within 1 month of the collection end date.  A form of statement for you to complete will be sent to you with your permit, however, you can complete an online return form.

If we refuse to issue a permit, you have the right to appeal to the Secretary of State.  The appeal must be made within 14 days of our decision.

Consumer Complaint

In the event of a complaint about a house to house collection, you are advised to contact the organiser first - preferably in the form of a letter (with proof of delivery).  If that has not helped and you are located in the UK, Consumer Direct can give advice.  From outside the UK, contact the UK European Consumer Centre.

Alternatively, if you have a complaint or concern about a house-to-house collection or believe a collection has not been authorised, please contact us.