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Using a taxi or private hire? - advice for the general public

Guidance for Passengers using Taxi and Private Hire

Differences between taxis (hackney carriages) and private hire vehicles

A taxi can be: -

  • picked up from a taxi rank
  • flagged down
  • pre-booked

A private hire vehicle must be: -

  • pre-booked through a licensed private hire operator

A private hire vehicle that has not been pre-booked should not be used as it will not be insured and may not be licensed.  Unlicensed drivers will not have been vetted.

To stay safe: -

  • only use licensed vehicles and operators
  • pre-book a return vehicle before going out (ask what the fare will be and ensure you are able to pay at the end of your journey) or take the phone number of a licensed company with you and ring when you about to leave
  • arrange to be picked up from a safe meeting place (ideally, where there are other people around and it is safe for vehicles to stop)
  • take your mobile phone and make sure it is charged and switched on
  • check that the vehicle has official identification (such as licence plates at the front and rear, stickers on the doors) - taxis will have a ‘TAXI’ sign on the roof
  • confirm your booking by asking the driver who they are waiting for
  • sit in the back
  • let somebody else know what your arrangements are (where you are going, what time you expect to be home and let them know if your plans change)
  • Coronavirus - Safety tips for passengers

If you have concerns, note the: -

  • driver’s licence number
  • vehicle licence number
  • name of the operator if a private hire vehicle

and report them to the Licensing Authority, if Maldon Council, contact us

Give as much detail as possible (such as date, time, journey from and to) and the concerns you have about the driver, vehicle or operator.