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Zoo licence

To run a zoo in the Maldon district, you will need a licence from us.

The Zoo Licensing Act 1981 (Amendment) (England and Wales) Regulations 2002 govern the licensing of zoos.

At least 2 months before applying for a licence, the applicant must give notice in writing (including email) to us of their intention to make the application. The notice must identify:

  • zoo's location
  • types of animal and approximate number of each group kept for exhibition on the premises and the arrangements for their accommodation, maintenance and wellbeing
  • approximate numbers and categories of staff to be employed in the zoo
  • approximate number of visitors and motor vehicles for which accommodation is to be provided
  • approximate number and position of access to be provided to the premises
  • how required conservation measures will be implemented at the zoo

The applicant must also publish notice of their intention in one local newspaper and one national newspaper at least 2 months before making the application. The notice must identify the location of the zoo and state that the application notice is available to be inspected at our offices.

The trade association, British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA), may be of assistance.

When considering an application, we will take into account any representations made by or on behalf of:

  • the applicant
  • the chief officer of police
  • the appropriate authority - this is either the enforcing authority or relevant authority in whose area the zoo will be situated
  • the governing body of any national institution concerned with the operation of zoos
  • where part of the zoo is not situated in the area of the local authority with power to grant the licence, the planning authority (other than a county planning authority)
  • any person alleging that the zoo would affect the health or safety of people living in the neighbourhood
  • any other person whose representations might show grounds on which the authority has a power or duty to refuse to grant a licence