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Statement of licensing policy

The Council is responsible for licensing all pubs and clubs in the Maldon district where alcohol is either supplied or sold.  It is also responsible for licensing temporary events, personal licences, regulated entertainment and late-night refreshment licensing.

These premises/events can endanger the public if they are not well run and their activities cause problems to neighbours in relation to safeguarding, anti-social behaviour and/or nuisance (such as noise or violent/drunken behaviour).  When we license these premises, people or activities, it ensures that these issues are addressed so the public are kept safe and neighbours are not disturbed.

The Council is required by law to publish a 'Statement of Licensing Policy' and to review it on a regular basis to ensure it is kept up to date.  The Statement sets out the principles that the Council will apply in exercising its functions under the Licensing Act 2003.

The Policy recognises the four licensing objectives set out in the Act.

  • Prevention of crime and disorder, including immigration crime and illegal working in licensed premises
  • Public safety
  • Prevention of public nuisance and
  • Protection of children from harm

We work in partnership with statutory bodies and other stakeholders to ensure proper application of the licensing objectives.  We do not seek to promote licensable activities or restrict opportunities for individuals to engage in such activities.  We hope, through the licensing process and the decisions we take, to make the Maldon district a safe and welcoming place for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

Statement of Licensing Policy