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Key Principles

  1. There may be other routes that community groups can follow to achieve the results required without using the formal Right to Challenge.  Community groups are encouraged to contact us to begin discussions at any time to explore the opportunities
  2. Assets included within a service challenge and subsequent procurement exercise will remain the property of the Council
  3. We will expect to continue to generate income from its assets
  4. All contracts will be subject to defined service standards and service providers will be expected to report on performance against those standards
  5. The Council will expect its assets to be maintained to a defined standard which will be specified within the contract documentation
  6. Liquidated damages may be payable in the event of a default on the duties set out in the contract
  7. Expressions of Interest will only be accepted within a defined window of opportunity that will take place between 1st September to 31st October each year
  8. The Council will not normally consider dividing services geographically.  For example, it would not consider allowing a profitable town centre service to be put out to tender without the same service provided in a rural area (and therefore subsidised)