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Public Health Funerals

The Council may be able to provide a simple yet respectful funeral if the deceased has died within the Maldon District and has no known next of kin, family or friends.

We have a duty to respectfully bury within the District as long as the resident has died within the boundaries of Maldon District. 

If there are no financial means to organise the funeral, the costs will be met by the council. Where possible we will endeavour to contact anyone related or in association with the deceased to cover the fees for and attending the burial itself.

The Council will always attempt to recover the cost of the funeral from the deceased’s estate or family members where possible.

Whether this is recovered from selling goods from the deceased’s property (for example; electrical goods, furniture and personal belongings) or accessing bank account or building societies in the deceased’s name.  Any money recovered will go towards the cost of the funeral.

However, we also understand this is not always possible, this is where we are able to step in and arrange a basic yet respectful burial within the District.

Once searches have been completed, the Treasury Solicitor will be informed of the deceased’s estate if it exceeds the cost of the funeral.

It is only in this circumstance that this is applicable and not relevant in every case.