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Primrose Garden

The Primrose Garden, located within Maldon Cemetery, has been carefully designed and managed to tailor to the needs of bereaved parents having lost children.  As a consequence of medical and social improvement, a still birth or baby death is a rare experience in modern times, meaning it is not as regularly used as the other areas in the Cemetery.  Bereaved parents can feel isolated and the specific area we are able to offer can, hopefully, minimize the feeling of loneliness and ensure their needs are dealt with in a respectful and dignified manner.

Having said that, this can be viewed as a place of solace, being centred in the middle of the cemetery it is an area that is seen but not a through way.  If it is quiet time you are after this beautiful hedged area has a serene vista in any season of the year.

The specific area is for the sole use of parents having lost a child, infant or baby.  There is a beautiful pagoda in this space which makes for a beautiful setting to remember lost loved ones, either to gather thoughts and memories or to sit in the peace and quiet and take in the nature surrounding the area.

The memorial regulations are in place for this area of the cemetery as well as the other sections, please take note of the Cemetery Regulations for all the general do’s and don’ts.