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Shellfish monitoring

We monitor and take samples from shellfish beds in the rivers Blackwater and Crouch. This is part our statutory function to ensure the classification of shellfish beds in the Maldon district in order to prevent public health problems.

Maldon District Council is a Port Health Authority responsible for the port health district outlined in the Maldon Port Health Authority Order 1980.

Further information on shell fishing and where the beds are located can be found on the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture (CEFAS) website.

If you are laying or harvesting shellfish, you will need to complete movement documents. Movement documents for waters that we are responsible for are available from us:

  • 1 copy to be kept with the shellfish;
  • 1 copy to be retained by the harvester or layer; and
  • 1 copy to be returned to us.