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Food visits

Authorised officers visit food businesses in the Maldon district to ensure that they are:

  1. complying with food safety law; and
  2. providing food that is safe for consumers to eat.

The officers look at the general layout and structure of the business premises, including repair and cleanliness, and the food practices such as temperature control and hand washing.

The officer can give advice and make recommendations to the food business so that they can make improvements.  If there are more serious failings, the officer can require improvements to be made and prosecute a business for not complying with the law.  In extreme cases, where there is serious, imminent risk to consumers, the officer can apply to a Magistrates' Court to close the premises until improvements have been made.

An assessment of risk is made following a visit and the risk rating dictates the frequency of future visits.

Officers may also visit for other reasons, for example:

  • re-visiting to check compliance following an earlier visit, especially if legal notices have been served;
  • following a complaint or poor sampling results; or
  • at the request of the food business operator.

If you would like further information or advice, please contact us.

If you do not agree with the requirements the officer has made, you are encouraged to discuss this with them first.  If you still have concerns, you can discuss this with the lead officer for food or their manager by contacting us.