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Food safety management systems and safer food, better business

There is a requirement for a suitable food safety management system.  At least one person at the business must be adequately trained in how to operate the food safety management system.

The purpose of a food safety management system is to ensure that a food business regulates itself every day, rather than wait for a visit from an enforcement officer.  The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has developed a system called Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB) especially for small caterers, retailers and child minders to make self-regulation as easy as possible. The FSA can be contacted on telephone number 0330 332 7149.

Whether adopting the FSA's Safer Food, Better Business or your own food safety management system, you will need to identify the hazards and controls that you have to put in place to ensure that the food you provide is safe to eat.  Thought will need to be given to cleaning, cooking, chilling and cross-contamination from germs, especially pathogenic organisms such as E Coli which cause food poisoning and ill health.  Further information is available on the FSA's website on E Coli.

You can view and print a copy of the 'Safer Food, Better Business' pack from the FSA's website via the following links:

Alternatively, printed versions of the pack are available from online retailers such as Amazon.