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Information for private landlords

Private sector housing schemes

We are keen to expand the availability of private housing in the District and work with Colne Housing Society to offer two types of private leasing schemes to assist people in housing need.

  • Empty homes to decent homes scheme

This is a three-way partnership between the private sector landlord, Colne Housing Society and the Council. The owners of empty properties agree to provide the homes for a minimum of three years and the housing association provides the housing management, deals with the day to day repairs and various maintenance issues. The District Council nominates the tenants.

This scheme is only available to owners of properties that have been empty for six months or more. Grant funding is currently available to assist with carrying out refurbishment at the property and in return, owners will receive a guaranteed monthly income.

  • General private sector leasing scheme

This also involves the Council working with Colne Housing Society and is for owners who wish to lease their property for a 5 year period and where the property does not require any works to be carried out. The owner receives an agreed monthly income and Colne Housing manages the property and carries out day to day repairs for the period of the lease.

If you are a property owner interested in either scheme you can contact Colne Housing Society Ltd on 01206 244700 or email

We may also be able to help people to access housing in the private rented sector by the provision of a deposit bond and/or rent in advance. As the landlord you would retain the responsibility of interviewing and selecting your tenant.

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