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Muck/sewage sludge spreading complaints

Muck/sewage sludge spreading

Every spring and autumn we receive a number of odour complaints concerning the spreading of manure on farmland.  Muck spreading is recognised as standard agricultural practice, and as Maldon is essentially a rural area, such odour must reasonably be expected from time to time.  The spreading of pre-treated sewage sludge is a perfectly lawful activity and considered the Best Practicable Environmental Option for disposal.  As the sludge is pre-treated prior to spreading it poses no risk to human health.

Environmental Protection will not investigate odour complaints relating to these activities unless the smell is excessive.  Farmers are encouraged to comply with the Regulations, guidelines and codes of practice governing the use of sewage sludge, slurry, and silage on agricultural land to minimise odour.

DEFRA Advice on Sewage Sludge, Slurry and Silage