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Keeping of animals

We can deal with animals kept in such a way that they cause problems to neighbours.  The most common complaint about animals relates to noise such as barking dogs and crowing cockerels which is dealt with under noise nuisance.

This section of the statutory nuisance powers is generally used to control such things as smells from the animals and their waste.  Problems occur when people keep too many animals for the space they have, house them too close to neighbours, or do not keep areas clean.  The nuisance provisions deal with the adverse impact of the animals on the complainant and do not deal with the welfare of the animal.  If you are concerned with animal welfare, then contact the RSPCA.

We also have a range of responsibilities related to the licensing of various premises that deal with animals such as pet shops, zoos, riding establishments and kennels. Further details can be viewed under Animal Welfare.

The Law Relating to Statutory Nuisance

How to Make a Complaint