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Bird scarer

Although bird deterrents are essential to protect many agricultural crops they can cause a nuisance and if not used properly we can take action against the persons responsible for them under statutory nuisance.

Code of Practice

When judging if nuisance exists from bird scarers the environmental health team will assess whether or not the person responsible has consulted the National Farmers' Union Bird Scarers Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice considers many issues surrounding the use of scarers including types of scarers, times and days of use, positioning the scarer in relation to homes and sensitive use buildings and noise reduction methods.

Key elements of the code:

  • Avoid using audible scarers where possible. If you must, compliment them with as many types of other non-audible scarers as possible
  • Locate the scarers as far away as practicable from sensitive buildings and use baffles to concentrate sound away from them
  • Do not use them before 6am. Before 7am do not use them within 200m (220 yards) of sensitive buildings. Do not use them after 10pm
  • Never use audible scarer before sunrise and after sunset
  • Avoid using them on Sundays
  • Take account of the prevailing wind when locating scarers
  • Ensure that mechanical timers take account of continuous changes in sunrise and sunset times
  • Keep photoelectric cell controlled scarers clean and free from obstruction
  • Do not fire them more than four times in any hour. All the reports from a multiple discharge gun should count as one report if heard within 30 seconds
  • Remember to consider situations where several guns protect a single field or adjacent fields. Liaise with neighbouring farmers to ensure that, between you, you do not cause a nuisance
  • Avoid positioning auditory scarers adjacent to rights of way and especially bridleways. Warn users of presence

Remember: You must be able to justify the use of audible scarers.

If you require further information, please contact us.