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Noise from deliveries

Advice to businesses

We have developed an informal approach to reducing noise from early morning/late night deliveries to minimise disturbance caused to local residents. We ask that wherever possible deliveries are made between 0800 and 2000 hours.

However, because of growing congestion problems, customer demands for extended opening hours and availability of fresh produce, it is becoming increasingly difficult for deliveries to take place after 0800 hours and consequently deliveries are happening at earlier times.

Although we will continue to encourage deliveries to take place after 0800 hours we will also place importance on controlling noise while deliveries take place. As a result, we advise that all reasonable steps are taken to keep noise levels to a minimum. These include:

  • Switching off vehicle engines when not in use
  • Use of properly silenced and maintained equipment
  • Taking care when opening doors together with no amplified music playing.

However, the above is only a guide and we cannot automatically take enforcement action should any of our advice not be followed.

Legal controls

With regard to legal controls, environmental services do have powers to control noise under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This Act places a duty on the local authority to investigate all allegations of noise nuisance and to act where it is satisfied that a statutory nuisance exists or is likely to occur.

The maximum fine that could be imposed at a Magistrates Court for commercial/industrial nuisance is £20,000. This legislation only applies to noise which emanates from within the boundary of a premises or noise from equipment in the street.

Therefore, should the noise be from vehicle engine noise on the street we have no legal powers to take enforcement action.

If you require more information, please contact us.