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Mice in the home can cause damage to electric cables and pipework and contaminate food and surfaces.

They come into the home looking for warmth, shelter and food and get through very small gaps. The first signs can be their droppings which are similar in look and size to black grains of rice.

Preventative action and treatment

To prevent the entry of mice even the smallest hole needs to be filled.

To treat you can use mouse traps with bait such as chocolate, nuts or cereal however poison bait treatments tend to be more successful. Bait should be placed in bait containers which allow the entry of mice but no other animals. These can be bought from some hardware shops and garden centres and should be placed at the back of cupboards, under floorboards or where the mice have been feeding.

Professional treatment

Our pest control officer can carry out treatment however there is a charge. Please look at our fees page for more details. To arrange this service contact us.

There are local and national companies that can also provide a similar service, try searching a local telephone book or the Internet for pest control.